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Editing Text

Due to the nature of this system and size, mobile devices are not supported. We advise using an actual computer so that you can clearly see the editing tools on the right and the preview update on the left. Using a hand held device may produce unwanted results.

This system is automated. What you type into the form fields is what we will print along with the location of the text.

Per Origami Owl's compliance, your email address cannot contain the words Origami Owl, Living Lockets, Hoot Loot, o2, Designer, Jewelry Bar, Owl Always Love You, You Tell Stories with Words… We Tell Stories with Jewelry, Tagged or Every Locket Tells A Story..

On your Origami Owl website address, the "http://" and "www" is not needed and we recommend leaving them off of your card.

Please enter your information carefully. will not proof read any information on your cards. You are responsible for the information that is typed in. and Origami Owl is not responsible for any mistakes made by you. What you see in the preview in the left column is what your card will look like.

Please do not put text on any edges of the business card or your text may get cut off during trimming.

To edit text, click on the "EDIT" button next to the text you want to edit in the right column. Once you change your text, click the "CHANGE TEXT" button underneath the field.


Color varies from screen to screen and this proof is not an exact match to the final printed product. Our final printed colors match the colors that have been determined by Origami Owl.

Turn Time

The production time for your order will be about 5-10 business days before shipping.